Thomas Lee Bakofsky

I have admired this guy’s work for the last 10 or so years and through following his work, I have been introduced to dozens of other artists that he rolls with. I fully expect him to have a long, prosperous career. I have also always appreciated that he does not hold my corporate status against me.

Vans Black Leather Sk8 Hi

My latest shoe purchase – I feel awful Hypebeast-like posting a picture of a pair of sneakers on here, but something tells me that these won’t be the last. I have slept on Vans for about 15 years now… I have a pair of the Marc Jacobs, but I have not had a pair of old school Vans since I owned a couple of pair of suede Chukka boots back in 1992 or so. They were some of my favorite skate shoes ever, and we’re by no means cool at the time. But since I am on this black shoe/white sole kick, I had to add these to the regular line-up.


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