Thanksgiving Day Parade (and Sean Lennon)

Despite the 5AM wake up – after going to sleep at 3AM – we decided to check out the parade this year. Hearing that 2 million people head out to watch the parade (even in the snow) wasn’t exactly a selling point, but I am very happy that I made the journey from Brooklyn to the corner of 72nd and Central Park West. The 60+ degree, sunny skies definitely made things a little sweeter, but my highlight was a strange one.

We posted up outside The Dakota building, and it was a bit surreal watching Sean Lennon watch the parade from a balcony above. I have always felt a weird connection to Sean Lennon. When John Lennon was murdered, it was a really big deal in my house, as I imagine it was for many. I remember my parents talking to me about the murder and about Sean – and that he was my age – and how sad that it must have been for him. Obviously, at that time it made me think all sorts of crazy thoughts about losing one of my parents, thus the emotions, thus the connection to him. So I have heard very little of his music, and seen very little of his art, but there is this strange connection going back to 1980. I am sure I will cross paths with him someday, but I will probably keep this story to myself ūüôā

San Francisco


Spent a couple of days working in SF this week.  Beautiful weather, great food, fantastic people and lots of good solid, collaborative work. My travels are typically far from glamorous, but at least the walks to work were far better than the NYC version. Also attended a social media meeting of the minds which was quite interesting and the subject of a future post.


Visit to Tom Ford

After being immersed in the streetwear world for a while, and visiting dozens of tired old formulac streetwear retailers selling the same tired old formulaic products, I have to admit that I was blown away with what I saw at Tom Ford.¬†¬† I guess I am finally at a age and place in life where I can¬† appreciate it (I said appreciate, not own – sunglasses and fragrances don’t count).¬† I was most impressed with the store itself and the way the clothing and accessories were¬†displayed – total amazing¬†luxury.¬† I have loads of admiration for people that manage themselves well, and Tom Ford is – in my opinion – the best by a mile.


Get Vertical!

My brother recently took a helicopter from island to island in Fiji, which reminded me of my recent experience cruising in a helicopter. Despite the fact that I do not even own a car at the moment, I have always been fascinated with transportation, including helicopters. If you have never had the chance, I encourage you to give it a shot. There are tons of opportunities, from city tours and corporate meeting hopping, and I have a friend that even hopped a ride at a flea market in East Texas (not recommended). Definitely jump on the opportunity Рand take a camera Рbecause you’ll get intersesting shots that you’d never get otherwise. Even the cockpit provides some interesting subject matter.

Flannel – The New Hoodie


With blogs, MAGIC, digital lookbooks, and all of the other avenues to see upcoming releases, I guess it is no surprise that most streetwear looks the same. Yeah, yeah… the difference is in the details and the slightly different interpretations, but be honest… it looks as if all this stuff comes from the same damn factory, designed by a small crew of Oompa Loompa’s owned by Nigo. Neighborhood is one of my favorite brands, and even as innovative and influential as they are… I find this today – their version of the flannel, the hoodie of F/W 0708.


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