Thanksgiving Day Parade (and Sean Lennon)

Despite the 5AM wake up – after going to sleep at 3AM – we decided to check out the parade this year. Hearing that 2 million people head out to watch the parade (even in the snow) wasn’t exactly a selling point, but I am very happy that I made the journey from Brooklyn to the corner of 72nd and Central Park West. The 60+ degree, sunny skies definitely made things a little sweeter, but my highlight was a strange one.

We posted up outside The Dakota building, and it was a bit surreal watching Sean Lennon watch the parade from a balcony above. I have always felt a weird connection to Sean Lennon. When John Lennon was murdered, it was a really big deal in my house, as I imagine it was for many. I remember my parents talking to me about the murder and about Sean – and that he was my age – and how sad that it must have been for him. Obviously, at that time it made me think all sorts of crazy thoughts about losing one of my parents, thus the emotions, thus the connection to him. So I have heard very little of his music, and seen very little of his art, but there is this strange connection going back to 1980. I am sure I will cross paths with him someday, but I will probably keep this story to myself 🙂

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