Cadbury Ape – The Remixes

First, you have to watch the original spot below, but then check out these creative remixes. I have to applaud Cadbury for being so open minded. I have no idea if this resulted in a single incremental sale of the chocolate bar, but if they have grand plans to elevate their cultural status, they got off to a good start in 2007.

But I have to say… the original is still the best.

An Outsider’s Streetwear Predictions for 2008

Random thoughts….

  • Bulky, dirty sneakers will complement tight jeans. Think Jordan 6-10s with skinny jeans on hipsters. Note: This is not a sneaker-head thing… more of a waify, pasty hipster thing. Hipsters will rebel against the current trend of wearing women’s Keds.
  • The lines between streetwear and luxury will continue to blur. The more mature streetwear kids will step their game up, which will no doubt require new jobs. Nigo has been spotted in a vest/tie/jacket combo more in the last 3 months of 2007 than in the last 10 years. You’ll hear streetwear kids rattle off high-end designers/labels with ease.
  • Legacy will be the dominate theme of 2008. Brands with a real history will reign supreme. Think Levis, Vans, Stussy, Reebok, Carhartt, etc. The hot new-ish brands will stick around, but nobody will be excited about new brands, and nobody will want to endorse them. That is not to say that new brands won’t give it a shot, but it will not be pretty. Hypebeast has already reached total laughable status.
  • More to come…. I still have few weeks until 2008.

Most Played Artists of 2007

I have had this copy of iTunes here on my office computer since May.  Here are the most played artists.  This seems a bit random, because I don’t recall over-playing some of these – for example, I think there was only one Timbaland and one 50 Cent song that I listened to all year.  Oh well, I must’ve played thoes suckas out!  From this list, you are probably thinking I am the biggest nerd on the planet, but it is the truth – at least for the work version of me.

10.  Seal

9. Mark Ronson

8. The Smiths

7.  Echo and the Bunnymen

6.  Depeche Mode

5.  Feist

4.  Timbaland

3.  50 Cent

2.  Peter, Bjorn and John

1.  Kanye West

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