Road Tested – Forever Relevant – Vans HalfCab

I cannot leave the Vans alone right now. Seriously… I know they are super popular, but they’ve really struck a nostalgic chord with me. In fourth grade, it was the black and white checkered slip-ons (with matching painters cap). The kids in the small town I grew up in made fun of me for days, but I still rocked them with pride. Fast forward 25 years, and I guess the kids from The Pack really made an impression on the world. Maybe there is something to all of this branded entertainment stuff. Regardless, I have to say that there is something incredibly rare about a brand that can maintain relevance in the most fickle, most trendy of markets and not be called Nike. Vans have remained largely unchanged for as long as they’ve been around, and in a world (and sport) completely obsessed with innovation, that is an amazing feat.

Not much to say about these as a ‘Road Test’. They the bomb.  I have five other variations of the Half Cab – all of which are rare in some respect.   Future Road tests for sure.

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