Connecting with Teens, by Matt Hensley

 A Lesson from Matt Hensley & H-Street

I get goosebumps watching this like I did when I was 15-years-old watching it after school.  Not much can give a 15-year-old goosebumps – think about it!   A video like this is the ultimate argument for the incredible power of high quality content.

Terrible audio, terrible video, a no-name musician, and kids would still gather around the television set with their bootleg copy of this video for hours to get pumped up to go skate.  Kids would lose sleep after watching a video like this.  Forget the lack of HD quality!  Yeah, it would have been nice to have, but when you have great content – content that connects, motivates, inspires, and generally keeps kids like me daydreaming through every class – all the bells and whistles are just… fluff.   Brands like this also inspired some of my first forays into consumer generated content…  almost every art project at school was inspired by H-street and brands like them.

Forget the technology.  Forget the delivery mechanism.  Learn a lesson from Matt Hensley and the H-Street guys circa 1989, and hope for the best.

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  1. i stood in line at the warped tour just to shake his hand, i didnt know what to say, but I just said that I wanted to shake his hand. that dude influenced me in so many ways, in my attempts at his skateboard style, all the way down to his socks and shoes (he dug the Vans Chukka boots, which you can still get to this day.)

    Nice blog RW, i dig it.

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