Road Tested – Visvim Seward

After a few months of putting excessive mileage on my Visvim Sewards, I have to say that I am sold for life. Comfort (boring, I know) and overall quality is absolutely top-notch. I haven’t worn suede shoes since Wallabees in the 90s, and I guess I forgot how well suede holds up. And since I know most kids prefer exclusivity over all else, I can safely say that I have not ran into one other person in NYC wearing Visvim at all. Trust me, I am not that naive… I know they are out there, but they must not ride the 4-5-6.

From Firmament:

Unfortunately, the counterfeiters in Hong Kong have caught on and more and more fakes are flooding ebay every day. Proceed with caution. I don’t won’t to talk price here, but if the deal seems to good to be true, it probably is. Shoot me an email if you’d like the small list of trusted sellers.

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  1. I too love a visvim, but are you surprised at how much hate the sewards have attracted on the like of superfuture and so on. for myself, i have to admit that the speckled subsole and the poorly crafted logo do let them down compared to other FBT models

  2. Great points, Gerry. I definitely consider the Sewards to be entry-level Visvims. I fell in love with the brand because of these shoes, but I am sure the other models are far superior. And the speckled subsole was almost a deal breaker for me. Fortnately, when you wear them, you cannot see the speckles!

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  5. hey what up bro can i get the list of trust sellers thanks

    im waiting for my first pair visvim fbt shaman ,,dope


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