2007 Top Ten Lists

The Top Ten lists are everywhere this time of year.  Music, movies, ads, you name it.   Since I am technically not qualified to curate a top ten list on one particular topic, here are a few random things that topped 2007 for me.

10. The 11th Hour
Less flashy and less popular than An Inconvenient Truth, this global warming documentary was far, far superior in my opinion.  I don’t mind admitting… I teared up on three different occasions during the movie, which was almost entirely people talking right into the camera.  Very powerful.

9.  Fully Flared
You’d expect nothing less from the Girl / Lakai guys and of course they delivered.   Although it was a pain in the ass trying to watch the clips on YouTube as they were yanked almost as fast as they appeared.

8.  Films by Musicians:  Heima (Sigur Ros) and Electroma (Daft Punk)
Let’s hope this continues well into 2008!

7.  Kanye West
Actually any and everything related to Kanye West.  His brand, his choices, his talent.  If he was underground, everything he does would be expected.  But he is on top of the game, slaps traditionalists in the face, and he sells more records and retains his credibility.  Love him or hate him, he is a walking contradiction and that’s why I love him.  And he is the most convincing celeb blogger that I read on a regular basis.  If Kanye’s blog is maintained by an assistant… job well done.

6.  The Man Who Soled the World
The story of Steve Rocco is an incredible history lesson for young skaters and a nostalgic time machine ride for old people like me.

5.  Honeyee Blogs
I am a HUGE fan of the celebrity blog.  Honeyee is the higher-quality, wasabi-flavored version of Riottt.com, loaded with blogs from all sorts of Japanese icons, and a couple of their American friends:  John Mayer, Eric Clapton, and other such as Jeff Staple and Keith Hufnagel.

4. Ed Banger Records
If you subscribe to the belief that hip-hop is dead, Ed Banger records belongs in the line-up of suspects.  When hip-hop started to fail the influential kids that once loved it, they turned to Ed Banger.  You may think it is a stretch, but I am convinced.  Well, at least I have convinced myself.

3. Vans & Visvim
See multiple posts on this site to understand why.   These two tied for my favorite footwear brands of 2007, followed very closely by the re-launch of Clae, however, without the Russell, Clae wouldn’t have made the list at all.

2.  Superbad
I think the last time I saw a movie twice while it was at the theaters was Raiders of the Lost Ark, when my cousin and I saw the movie 14 times over one summer.  But it took a highbrow classic to get me to pay for a movie twice, and that highbrow classic was Superbad.  The dialogue was so perfect – I felt like I was watching myself at that age, except everyone of those guys were way cooler than I was.

1.  Brooklyn Kids
No that’s not the name of a new rap group… I am talking about the teen-aged, regular-ass kids currently growing up in Brooklyn.  I am convinced they are some of most influential beings walking the planet, and most haven’t a clue.  Their style is a creative blend of the most unlikely influences, and that is their most amazing talent – taking all of these interesting influences, making them their own, and simply doing it better.

Honorable, random mentions:

  • Silverchair.  How’s that for random?  The song Straight Lines was probably my favorite rock song this year.  I know, feel free to hate you indie rockers.  My brother lives in Australia where apparently Silverchair is HUGE!
  • ‘Solo Grande Soy Chai’ to the tune of about $180/month.

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