Global Grind – The HipHop Digg

I saw the 30 minute long info-mercial for – aka this week’s episode of Run’s House – last night. I watched a DVR’ed version of the show, so I guess I would have never found out about the site if they had spent money on a regular :15 or :30 second spot (branded content plug). Perhaps I am not giving the site a hard enough look, but it is hard to deny that it seems to lack any signs of innovation that one would expect from a well-funded start-up. From the commentary on the show, I was expecting something much more interesting than a hip hop-filtered digg. Hopefully it will hold up much better than Damon Dash’s venture into social media – BlockSavvy.

Despite the fact that Run’s House has morphed into what seems to be the sole advertising vehicle for Run Athletics, Pastry Sneakers, Team Blackout, and now Global Grind, I still love the hell out of the show and applaud the family for making the most of their time on-air. They have very successfully made their hustle entertaining.

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