Reebok: Dan or Dave?

Since the 90s are officially ‘in’ and the 80s are now simply the domain of retro radio, let’s take a look back at one of the more ubiquitous campaigns from the early 90s – Dan or Dave? Man, this campaign seems waaaaaay older to me, but I guess that is due to some personal hang up I have with how long it has been since high school.

What would this campaign look like today?  Here is the formulaic Web 2.o plan:
– Dan vs. Dave on Myspace
– Dan vs. Dave Facebook app.  (Think:  Ninjas’ vs. Pirates)
– Dan and Dave blogs,  twitter,  daily inspiration SMS messages
– Dan x Karmaloop custom Reeboks;   Dave x Oakley custom blades
– Dan and Dave’s training playlist on Amazon music, since Apple hearts Nike

Were you a Dan?  Or a Dave?   Thinking back, I can’t remember. In 1992, I was mesmerized by this, which includes one of the best music selections ever!

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