2008 Gumball 3000 – Announcement

Maximillion Cooper, the Man.

For Gumball Fans… I have posted the announcement for the 2008 Gumball. Super, ultra-exclusive this year and considerably more expensive this time out. Not that cost is an issue for any of the entrants. About 5 years ago, a friend and I had the chance to be what they call ‘scumballers’, or people that tag along, hang out, and generally try to keep up with the legit gumballers. The rally rolled through Dallas when it first came the US. A number of C-D-E-F-list celebrities were there including the Wall Street Journal’s C-list posterboy Rob Dyrdek (wink, wink) who was rolling with Josh Kalis.

There were quite a few tanned, European rich kids and business-types, but cruising out of town as part of the caravan going 135 mph was killer. Save up your dough!

2008 Gumball 3000
To celebrate Gumball 3000’s 10th Anniversary rally, in 2008 we are embarking upon
creating the ultimate rally of the future from San Francisco to Beijing
incorporating a true once in a lifetime (no cars) check point in North Korea !!!!!

The eight-day 3000-mile route will embrace the contrasting cultures of the east and
west, whilst also uniting over 40 nationalities of participants taking part, and
truly benchmarking itself at the forefront of partying, exploring, and the promotion
of eco friendly transportation. 120 of the worlds most amazing vehicles will
participate, and as well as the usual display of stunning super cars, the 2008
Gumball will also showcase and encourage vehicles pushing the technological
boundaries to create an environmentally friendly and safer future.

This will be the ultimate adventure and clashes of culture, following partying in
San Francisco, the rally will set off in front of millions driving via Los Angeles,
San Diego and Las Vegas visiting several world renowned race tracks along the way.
Then after partying in Vegas all the cars will then be flown in our Russian cargo
planes to Shanghai. Whilst the drivers make their journey to North Korea’s
undiscovered stunning capital, Pyongyang, to watch next years ‘Mass Games’ inside
the insane May Day ‘gold plated’ 250,000 seater stadium as VIP guests of the North
Korean Government. This will be a sight in itself. Though that is not all, once we
get back in our drivers seats in Shanghai we will make a 2 day journey to Beijing
for the 2008 Olympic Games.

Unfortunately with only 120 limited exclusive places on the grid, its going to be
inevitable that many people wont be able to take part – so please inform us as soon
as possible if you’d like to, so we can cater to past ‘Gumballer alumni’ before we
let newcomers onto the grid. As you can imagine, this route will appeal to people
all over the world that would perhaps have never thought to do a rally previously,
as this will be the first time in history that members of all nations will be
allowed to visit and party in North Korea!

I hope this has wet your appetite for adventure – and as mentioned more details will
follow at the end of this month. The date is from 8th August 2008 – 16th August
2008. Although it’s scheduled to take place later than normal, the rally will
coincide with the ‘Mass Games’ and the Beijing Olympic Games- so put your name down
now if you are up for it.

The cost of the 2008 Tenth Anniversary Rally is £60,000 which includes all flights
(for both you and your vehicle), 5 star Accommodation, Food and Incredible parties
during the period of the Rally.

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