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  1. i don’t care about when wayne and baby kiss that is my man and baby raise him when he was a baby so that is his father. lil wayne is so sexy u know where i be at just holla at me alright.

  2. i think you people are crazy to say that he will die because he will neva die ya bugggin that is my baby. I love Weezy f. baby


  3. Okay, i just saw a lil wayne concert tonite
    & umm he’s like idk the best rapper alive??
    yeah, umm he will never ever ever dies.
    ya’ll just wack for sayin suttin like dat.
    i mean he’s like WEEZY F. BABY…
    is there any need to say more…
    i think not

  4. Weezy F will die ill take that nigga out with my eyes closed. I have him runnin into the water in No he aint no what he messed wit

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