Beast to the Extreme

Obsessing over Nike is bad enough. Obsessing over the people that work on Nike ads is pathetic. Hypebeasting to the extreme.  Please don’t take that the wrong way.   I understand and respect that level of dedication.  Honeyee, interviewed a handful of W+K’ers. This will prove to be completely irrelevant to anyone reading my blog, since the interviews are in Japanese.   Fortunately, John C. Jay’s portion has been translated to English and how beastly is it of me to say that it is a pretty good read?

I had a great sneaker conversation Ryan at Primary Wave this week and it occurred to me that I have not bought a pair of Nikes in over 3 years. Of course, I will always love Nike, and I will no doubt pounce on some black Jordan IIIs in a second. Anyone have them in size 11?

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