The Art of Tony Bones

I had a lot of questions come in response to my post of this year’s Valentine’s Day gift to the lady. Today when I was walking out of the apartment, I remembered that the painting above was her gift last year. Ronda and Robby as interpreted by Tony Bones.

Ironically, we found this painting at the end of our block here in Brooklyn. No doubt the work of Mr. Bones, during his time spent here in NYC.

How to Pronounce Comme des Garçons

Agenda, Inc. has scored another superb find, especially for all of you streetwear kids looking to make the luxury crossover in 2008. In a bizarre, yet totally appropriate use of YouTube, the IMHC, a hotel management school, is using small video files posted online to help their students ‘say it right’.  Saying ‘Supreme’ is easy you chumps.  Too easy, unfortunately.  Go learn how to say ‘Jaeger-LeCoultre‘.

Hear them all!

Estelle’s “American Boy” Will Save Hip-Hop!

I was fully expecting to not like this song, but I absolutely love it. At some point, I will officially get off Kanye’s jock, but I believe this song could actually save hip-hop record sales. Here is my rationale, and I am only half-way joking here. Of all of my friends, the people with the largest – entirely paid for – music collections are my gay friends that are over 40. These are people clearly not buying hip-hop right now, so they are a completely untapped audience. The only music that even remotely resembles hip-hop in their collection is Blondie! But this song has such an M People meets hip-hop feel, that it may just be the most culturally significant song in years! This is entry level hip-hop for gay listeners. It starts here, then they buy Graduation, record companies identify the trend, and start cranking out loads of this gay friendly hip-hop. Problem solved!

JUSTICE – Phantom II

According to my favorite purveyor of interesting shit online, DJ Skeet Skeet,  this is rumored to be created by a fan, or as us marketing dogs would call them, a consumer.   In my best Wes Bentley:

“Sometimes there’s so much consumer generated creativity in the world I feel like I can’t take it, like my heart’s going to cave in. “

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