Road Tested – Reebok Pump Omni Lite

The black/white shoe obsession continues. This time I had to pick up a classic from the past, but one that appealed to my new (or should I say ‘current’) sensibilities. This is the Reebok Pump Omni Lite. These bulky bitches are ultra-comfortable, wide as hell, look oh so nice, and have actually helped curb a bad habit or two – only to inspire a new one. Instead of popping my knuckles or twirling my pen obsessively, I now pump up my Reeboks, only to immediately release the air. Over and over again. How embarassing.

As soon as these showed up, I slid them on and have yet to even unlace the loose, sweatshop factory-tied knot they came with. I immediately noticed tiny gold details that I never noticed in pictures. The shiny black leather around the toe has a smokey gold haze all over it and the laces have metal gold tips (what is the funny name for those things). The exterior is a mix of different types of leather: soft patent, soft dull, and lots of gold accents. The interior is all leather and bright white and has held up very nicely.

I mean, who the hell wears Reebok these days? Over the last few years, I have simply considered them just another brand that comes with the ‘Complete Sneaker Store Start Up Kit’ that also includes Creative Recreation, Ice Cream, Greedy Genius, and some boring tier of New Balance. Basically any brand that makes bright colorways and will sell to anyone with a Tax ID number. But I have been eyeing Reebok hard lately. They have some heritage and for a small portion of their line, they are staying true to it. I’ll give them credit for that, but obviously they still have a long way to go. I am sure all the Dunk heads will think I am some yuppie nerd just wearing my bball shoes to work on casual Friday, and they’ll be right, for the most part. I don’t play bball.

From Karmaloop:

4 responses

  1. dudeee,
    they are supercalafrickenawesome,
    can i get them in Australia?
    if not what website?
    pretty please reply coz they are sooo cool

  2. i dont think my comment came through so if it didnt could you email me and tell me can i get those in australia and if i cant what site can i get em from.

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