Visvim – Folk

I come from a long line of shoe people. My grandfather was in the shoe business for 50 years, my parents have both been in the shoe business for their entire lives. They live it, breathe it, and understand it incredibly well. I totally blame them for my obsession. Apparently I was rockin a collection that was 20 deep by age 2. Aunts and uncles still make fun of me for it. Long story short, of all of the footwear brands that I obsess over, Visvim is the brand that my parents would respect the most. Quality, attention to detail, retail strategy, and the brand’s overall aesthetic is something they would totally get. I could also easily see my dad sporting a pair as well. I don’t see them getting too excited about much else, but in some way, this what is so impressive about Visvim. The Visvim brand equities are relevant for all ages and definitely transcend trends.

Visvim just about sealed the deal as my favorite footwear brand with the announcement of their new line called Folk. Honeyee interviewed Hiroki Nakamura about the new products and his use of ‘vegetable-tanned’ leather. Apparently it breathes so well that you can wear them without socks. If I start saving now, I may be able to pick up a pair by summer 😉 Even though the involve less material than a typical pair of Visvims, I am sure the manufacturing process will make these even more expensive – $400-$500 or so.

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  1. Hi i came across this page while surfing for visvim shoes.
    I am wondering, are they unisex shoes? Can women get them too?
    Also what is the model in the picture. i LOVE it.
    Am looking to buy a pair online somehow.

    • Totally unisex. They may not come in a women’s size 5 or 6, but they definitely come in smaller sizes that would work for some women. Curious to know what drove your curiosity in the brand. For men, there are very few high quality shoes with this sort of native american inspired aesthetic. But for women, this particular style is abundant. Just curious. Good luck! I am happy to turn you on to some retailers as well.

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