Classic Hip Hop Rides

Remember all the rides back on Yo MTV raps? I remember thinking they were all just a bit suburban-boring, but they seemed to embody the hip-hop hustle perfectly back then.  These rides say “I am big in the hood, but not yet Michael Jackson big”.  Times have definitely changed. Back then, the exotics were super rare. Aside from the Fresh Prince’s Mom’s new Porsche, rap transportation looked something like these:

Acura Legend (w/ MOMO I.D.E.A.s)

Jeep Grand Cherokee

Mercedes SL (It’s a rental)

Ford Explorer (Eddie Bauer)

Mercedes 190

Range Rover Country (pretend the grass is Brooklyn asphalt)

Saab 93

Nissan “Look at the mutha fuckin wheels” Maxima

Suzuki Samurai*

*censored to protect the owner’s privacy

Things learned while assembling all of these photos:

  • A google image search for ‘Benz with Testarossa kit’ will not yield the desired results.
  • Saab owners (white people) prefer to appear with their car in photos.
  • Range Rovers are always photographed in green grass.
  • Cars from this era don’t hold up well.
  • Suzuki Samurais must have all tipped over, because there none online.

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