Video Mash-ups – I Love Them!

I have always been impressed by high-quality song mash-ups. The likes of Party Ben and the Bootie crew are incredibly creative in my opinion. But kids these days are reeeeeally blowing me away with VIDEO mash-ups. What will the kids do next? Give a kid a Mac and they’ll flip your original content into something arguably more amazing (considering their production budget was ZERO). If you have never seen one, the audio for two or more songs are mixed and played over a mix of multiple video sources – typically the videos for the songs. I have pulled some of the better examples, one of which I found during my Eric B and Rakim search just minutes ago.

UPDATE: See the comments on this post from the founders of Bootie for more info on their contributions to this phenomenon! And definitely add their blog to your reading list. It is the THE source for the best mash-ups out there. They make one excellent point that is important to note… quite often the mash-up videos you may encounter were not created by the same person that created the audio mash-up. Just a little FYI!

Eric B and Rakim + Beastie Boys

Kanye + Linkin Park (Note that the video content was lifted straight from TRL!)

Kanye + Maroon 5

Gorillaz + Killers

50 Cent + Eninem + Linkin Park

Justin Timberlake + Corey Hart

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  1. Hey Robby! Thanks for the shout-out … and Bootie is right there with you! In fact, Party Ben just did an ALL-VIDEO mashup set at Bootie LA this past Saturday, and we did The A+D Show (which was 80% mashup video) at our anniversary show in San Francisco last August!

    Hell, we just bought two Pioneer DVJ decks, just so we can start dropping more mashup videos at the party. You’re right, it’s the next wave.

  2. Hey Robby!

    Mysterious D from Bootie here… I think Adrian might have posted already, but I’m not certain… but I thought I’d expand on it a little…

    Not sure where you’re located, but just last weekend Party Ben did a feature video mashup show at Bootie LA, the LA version of the *epic* video mashup show he did at Bootie SF in January. He featured brand new mashup videos he created, as well as some videos from a couple super talented mashup video producers (VJ Jaren and VJ Brewski).

    We (Bootie creators) A plus D also did a big show at the last Bootie SF Anniversary party (Aug 07) doing a DJ/VJ stage show using a bunch of mashup videos as well as live singing and even a Guitar Hero part.

    We also have live mashup VJs from the UK, Eclectic Method ( coming to the west coast Bootie parties this summer (one of them just played Bootie NYC’s Anniv. party), as well as trying to get VJ Jaren out to SF to do a live video mashup set in the Fall.

    Not only that, but we’re incorporating more video mashups into the audio mashup sets at Bootie SF, just in general this year.

    In other words, we’re all over mashup video!

    Keep in mind, though – that alot of the video mashups you see out there are video attached to an already created audio mashup (which was created by someone else). To craft a good audio mashup you need more than software understanding, but skills in audio software, production, songwriting and arrangement, and musical key.

    Those last two vids you have there happen to be by Cheekyboy, a really good audio mashup producer that we have many tracks of, who is apparently doing some video stuff now also — which is why it’s so good. He’s a great audio producer, now adding video!

    We’re in the process of doing a major Bootie website overhaul, and we’ll be definitely be including a page for mashup video.

    In the meantime, check these out: Party Ben has posted some of his new videos from his show on his site and you can find videos of some of our A plus D mashups (and a few other bootleggers) done by VJ Jaren at — make sure to see “all 18” videos, his mashups are at the beginning of his listed collection. And last – a clip from Eclectic Method’s new video mixtape DVD here:

    all the best,
    Mysterious D

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