Brand I Love and Hate: McIntosh

Round of applause for the bastards over at McIntosh (no, not Apple) for further solidifying the fact that I am a stereotypical male. I have long been proud of the fact that I can get by without video games, traditional sports, big screen televisions, and expensive home audio equipment. Then twice in one day, I experience this damn brand and I am instantly turned into the younger version of me – that 18-year old, punk kid with no business reading the Robb Report, obsessing over luxury items I had no business obsessing over.

In line with most of my favorite brands, McIntosh has heritage. It is 59 years old!

Look at the beauty of these components:

$8,000 Turntable:

If a near-extinct turntable sets you back $8 Gs, imagine what this will set you back:

In typical, money doesn’t buy taste fashion… what’s up with the lame red wood cabinets?

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