Look to your Leaders!

I recall having a conversation with the head of an agency I once worked at about our creative process. He was curious to know why we were struggling in the creative department. Deadlines, quality, innovation – it all seemed to suffer. We speculated how other best-in-class agencies dealt with these sort of struggles. “How does XYZ Agency deal with this? Do they have these issues?” The correct answer is probably yes, but I told him that it was hard to compare ourselves to those other agencies, because those agencies were founded and led by creatives. We were not. We were led by strategists and an amazing entrepreneur, but not a true creative in the services sense. He had created an agency largely in his own image. And that was not a bad thing at all. We were one of the best.

But don’t you find it amazing how this same phenomenon totally applies to Myspace and Facebook? Think of each of the sites and communities they have created, then look at the founders.

MySpace: Tom & Chris

Facebook: Gilbert & Lewis

Oh wow!  Look at what happened in Facebook land today:

Fluff?  Maybe Facebook is cooler than I thought!

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