Nike Air Yeezy Colorway Archive

Two footwear posts in a row. It’s a sin. I know. I am really just posting this as part of my marketing research. Here is a sneaker that first made its debut 4 months ago, and has only been seen on one person ever. It is the first Nike shoe created for a non-athlete celebrity. Nike continues to drop new colorways and personally, I am anxiously awaiting to see the pay off. Will it release and remain highly exclusive? Will it be at every Foot Locker in America? What about price? Who will be the first non-Kanye and non-Kanye-entourage members to rock them – all part of Nike’s bigger hype fueling scheme that is working incredibly well.

Oh yeah… and any post about the Nike Air Yeezy** turns is blog traffic gold. Now if Lil Wayne would come out with some Nikes, I am sure my server would overload and shut down. That dude is the king of social media.

The original Air Yeezy in black from the Grammy performance

Then we saw the Air Yeezy in black with red and glowing at the G.I.T.D. Tour.


Then this nasty pic of an Air Yeezy colorway with some light blue accents, although this photo is so bad, it could just be an optical illusion – like that favorite tie of yours.

Update… the photo above is likely this pair, worn by Tinker Hatfield at Nike:

Then the pearl Yeezy hit the scene. Highly accessorized.

And now Khaki / Tan version of the Air Yeezy. Ignore the clown in the background (Jeremy Scott?).

All red

And check this one… Dubbed the Olympic Colorway by some unknown blogger:

Finally, the officialy release:

**Bold words make the search engines think the word is really relevant and important. Shameless.

6 responses

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  2. The shoes is dope…… the teens need some shoes that we can just stunt in. Air Yeezy’s , they honestly have to be some of the coldest shoes Ive laid eyes on……

    • the problem is except on the last picture with the three authentic yeezys; the rest of the yeezys are all fake… only 3 color of the yeezys ever released…

      • To my knowledge – it has been a while now – but each of the photos above were actually taken of Kanye. So they must have been samples or early versions. For example, the top picture was taken of Kanye at the Grammys while performing. While I know there are tons of ‘fakes’ out there, I don’t know if I would consider any pair that he is actually wearing ‘fake’. Know what I am sayin?

  3. Im getting them just now. loved them for over a year, but im finally getting them 3 years later. and trust me, way over retail price… 😦

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