Leica C-LUX 2 – First Pics

Just got a new camera. An entry-level, wannabe baller Leica C-LUX 2. Despite it’s Mercedes C-Class / BMW 3-Series / Porsche Boxster status, it is a dramatic improvement over my last camera. My last camera had major durability going for it – it never failed me despite numerous missing screws, major rattling (probably the screws), a lense that retracted only half the time, and some major photoshop filter-like effects that would happen from time to time – but this one is sweet and seemingly takes fantastic pictures. Here are the first two – not meant to impress by any means.

My Kind of Skate Video – Richie Jackson

In my old age, I have probably seen thousands of kickflip variations down dozens of stairs, just about every imaginable rail or ledge combination, and big stairs just make me nervous (watching) anyways. Obviously the sport is still progressing, which is why I stay tuned in. But it is videos like the one below that I love watching the most. Watch Richie Jackson own terrain most would never even think is skate-able.

NOTE:  The original video I posted was removed from YT, so here is another:  Same dude.  Same story.

Thanks Ryan.

Mohawks + Butt Tickling: Welcome Unfair Park Readers

One of the numerous and very vocal readers of the most commented blog post in the history of Dallas’ Unfair Park decided to drop a link to my blog. Traffic is already on the rise. My former mohawk (better yet, fauxhawk) has been called into question – and deservedly so – it was awful. Anyways… welcome any new readers.

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