Baron Davis Seems Like a Real Cool Dude

I am the worst sports fan ever. Growing up in Texas, everyone plays sports and most people remain fans. I got burned out really early, largely brought on by my skateboarding. But when a Dallas team is in the playoffs, I will definitely check it out. Essentially, making me the worst kind of sports fan – the bandwagon dude. But one year while I was on the bandwagon, this dude with a very un-NBA beard named Baron Davis almost singlehandedly made the Mavs look like the biggest chumps in the league. I hated him. But I dug his style… while most dudes were sportin’ corn rows, neck tattoos, and marginal excitement, this dude had a throwback beard and was killin’ it on the court.

Fast forward 2-3 years.

Continuing to be very un-NBA, I see this same dude, same beard popping up in all kinds of streetwear brands like The Hundreds, and even ones that make me cringe like Crooks and Castles.

In The Hundreds:

In a Gourmet T-shirt:

And in a major stroke of weirdness, his workout plan is nuts 🙂

But what really inspired this post was the series of events above, coupled with seeing him recently in LA (in Crooks & Castles) being real chill, and then today learning that he produced this upcoming LA Gang documentary called Made in America, directed by skate legend Stacy Peralta.

With all of the gang-related material that has been produced to date, I am very curious to see how this one differs. GANGLAND on The History Channel, HBO Docs, and others have all seemingly done a pretty thorough job of covering the evolution of gangs, but this one is catching some major buzz, so maybe it has a unique perspective. Keep an eye out for it.

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