Dickies Work Pants – The Ultimate in Careerwear

With Ronda out of town, I decided to invite some old friends from Texas over to the apartment – a couple of pairs of Dickies 874 Work Pants. For the longest time, Dickies – the pants featured above – were my most trusted ‘careerwear’ when I had my first and ONLY job with a corporate dresscode. Why wear Dockers like the rest of the corporate drones when I could wear Dickies like Snoop and Dre and get away with it? It worked wonders for my career as far as I can tell. No more direct marketing cube farms, and I have somehow found myself working in the business of hip-hop.  Those are some powerful fucking pants! Although never a big fan of the khaki version above, or khaki anything for that matter, I always opted for custodial navy blue, or custodial management grey, the two colors I picked up yesterday.

We are facing a denim backlash of major proportions. Not everyone can rock turquoise or red denim, and Dickies will never fail you or go out of style. I go on and on here on my blog about brands with real heritage, and not many can challenge Dickies’ on-going relevance. And for only $25, enough said…

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