Guy Repellent – Gladiator Sandals

Or as our wonderful intern Ernestine refers to them, simply ‘Gladiators’. I hesitated to even post a picture of these on my carefully curated blog. Ten out of ten guys walking down Broadway agree, these are the least attractive shoes to ever hit the streets of NYC – just barely nudging platform flip-flops out of the top spot. At least platform flip-flops are easily removed. These are definitely the quickest, proven way to ensure that no guy will bother you on the subway/sidewalk/elevator. They make UGGs flat out sexy. Thankfully, cold weather months are approaching. Russell Crowe called. He wants… ah forget it.

What non-straight fashion designer (all homo) thought it would be a good idea to blow these up this year? And if you want to see how much your girl could be spending, click here. Even some of the most trusted names in womens footwear got into the action. YSL? Come on! Never under Tom Ford.

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