On This Day…

August 4th, 1983 twenty-five long years ago, my favorite song was:

David Bowie – Let’s Dance

  • My dad bought the tape. I listened.
  • MTV played a huge role. Not that the video is all that exciting, but the visuals were key.

August 4th, 1988:

George Michael – Monkey

  • My whole family loved WHAM – yeah, so – So it was totally natural that we’d love George Michael solo.
  • This was my first concert. I just turned 13. I was blown away by the number of George Michael wannabees at the show. It was a new phenomenon for me. Dudes with bleach blond hair on top with the sides dyed black, leather jackets and boots with the silver metal toe and heel. I am sure it was commonplace in high schools and at bars, but nobody was trying to do that shit in 7th grade. Now that I am older, I have total visibility into the fact that 90% of all styles are spread by musicians.
  • I still attribute my perpetual 5 o’clock shadow to George Michael 1987-88.

August 4th, 1993 (Just graduated):

Smashing Pumpkins – SOMA

  • This album was is serious rotation for many months on the way to Brookhaven Community College – the most important school I ever attended.
  • I know there were hits on this album, but this is the song that I always think of when I think back to driving to school as a nervous freshman.

August 4th, 1998

Massive Attack ft. Tracey Thorn – Protection

  • This song had to make the list because it is still one of my faves to this day.
  • It marks a time when I started getting influences from a broader group of friends- in particular, friends that I was meeting at college, like gay asian neighbors of mine with THOUSANDS of cds strewn around their apartment. Some things never change for these people.
  • This song also had a brief cameo in the movie Hackers, which is where I first heard it. I watched the credits over and over and over again to try to figure it out.

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