Download Now: F.A.M.E. – Hard Work

For the few hundred or so people that read my blog daily, I am most pleased to introduce you to F.A.M.E. and his latest album called ‘Hard Work’.

Things are a bit fuzzy, but I am pretty sure I met F.A.M.E. (digitally) through something work-related. We get music sent to us constantly, and due to dozens of different reasons – none of which are related to music quality – there is not a lot we can do with it. We do our best to give the good ones some shine somehow, some way, and when we do, the kids go nuts. It typically causes some rather aggressive tactics on the part of kids on their grind trying to get some shine from us too. “Listen to my music!”, “Sign me”, “Get at me”, “We are taking over!” These kids are loud, utilize highly annoying tactics on MySpace and are definitely persistent, but at the same time, I could not imagine it any other way. I love every bit of it. These kids are our future, and if they don’t find hip-hop success, they will no doubt take their determination to an unsuspecting boardroom full of lazy privileged kids and run shit.

F.A.M.E. is an intelligent dude. He is definitely on his grind, but it is clear he is a deeper individual than most. Instead of making tons of obnoxious noise on our MySpace page, he let’s his music speak for him. Likely because he knows it is capable of doing so. He is a designer, and if you download his album, each song comes with a corresponding piece of art that complements the song. I am guessing he did his own album cover (above) as well – which is tight. Much like that big rapper from Chicago, F.A.M.E. is a multi-disciplined artist with an insane attention to detail and work ethic that has enabled him to put out an album that rivals any release (indie or major) that I have heard all year. It is not too hard to outshine the major label releases. Indie is where the action is. A month ago, I was allover Kid Cudi. F.A.M.E. knocked Cudi off the I-Pod playlist quite effectively. I am almost embarrassed about how much I talked up Cudi, only to forget about to him a few weeks later – all thanks to F.A.M.E.

The subject matter is solid: not tons of talk about boring streetwear brands and the drug references are purely metaphorical. And it was not until the last lyric of the last track – there are 17 tracks – that I learned his perspective on the n-word. A nice little ‘see what I just did’ to finish up the album. Very impressive.

My fingers are crossed for this dude. Not because I want him to get a major label deal where he will only be disappointed. I am simply hopeful that he finds the lane that is right for him. F.A.M.E. is the type of artist that keeps me interested in hip-hop. He gives me hope. He keeps it fresh. He outshines the rest without an army of label people to help. That already makes him more viable than anyone else. We should all hope that he never stops doing what he does.

And I cannot hit the ‘publish’ without mentioning the high-quality production on this album. But you will have to download the album to find out who is responsible.

Download HARD WORK here.

3 responses

  1. Yes Robbie, thanks for the heads up – this cat is good! The production – with its chord sequences – has a certain Neptunes vibe to it, know what I mean?

    How did you come across F.A.M.E, did he send a demo in to TAG?



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