Tattoo of the Year: E.T.

Part of me wants to rip into this dude for this hilarious tattoo. Then I think: E.T. is pegged at the top of my favorite movies of all time. Always stumped when it comes to tattoo selection, I think, maybe we are on to something. As fickle as I am with EVERYTHING, E.T. has kinda been a constant.

People get way worse tattoos that have no significance whatsoever. Remember the Looney Toons tattoo phase back in the early 90s? Back when people would pick the Looney Tunes character that best represented their personality, then have it tatted to their ankle, right above their ankle socks and shell toe adidas. You know, Marvin the Martian looking tough.

No blog post is complete without a Google Image search on the subject. Jesus Christ:


And then the downward spiral begins. Remember that big Goonies tattoo phase? Yeah, neither do I?



That last one is a classic. I mean… Chunk? Look at that smile!

3 responses

  1. hi. my friend randomly found this site and sent me the link, because i am the one with the ET Lady Guadalupe tattoo. im not too sure of what else to say, but you now know who the owner of the lovely tattoo of the year is. oh and im a girl, not a guy.

    • I must say that your tattoo is about the most amazing tattoo ever. And the most perfect phrase you could have ever chosen. Ever thought about making prints? I will be first in line to purchase. This post is pretty old… I cannot remember where I found this picture. I may have been doing Google image searches for ET and stumbled upon yours. Excellent!

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