Caution! Always Turn The Bottle Around!

I hit the corner store pretty much everyday, and I am all about trying different drinks from the big fridge – and they have TONS of them.  All  kinds of crazy stuff.  Some hits, some misses.   For the most part, they are all in the $3-$5 range.    A couple of days ago, I stumble upon this Goji berry drink that looked interesting.  I had other Goji drinks in the past that were great.  I did not think twice.  I just grabbed it and threw it in my bag.

At the register, the guy says “Tell me what you think about that drink.”   He is a chatty fella, so I really did not think much of it.   They ring up all my goods, I pay, etc.

Then I get home…   I guzzle the very tasty drink down, and at some point, I casually check the ingredients.  Everything looks good, until my eye gets to the price tag.  See below.  Enough said.

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