Solange Knowles – Don’t Mess with Vegas!

What news guy actually does something like this on air? I am very proud of this news anchor’s complete fearlessness when it comes to putting an aspiring diva in her place. The Knowles family brand extension very inappropriately went off on a very friendly anchorwoman, never apologized, and even had the nerve to post some sort of cliche YouTube response that only made her look worse. The anchorwoman apologized twice for NOTHING, and Solange did not apologize at all. I have seen nothing to convince me that old school manners have a place in R&B and hip-hop.

But you have to check out this video. The friendly anchorwoman had one of her news homeboys come to her defense. Well done! I love how he gives serious props to Jay-Z at the same time. Hilarious.

Thanks to WrapCritic for the heads up.

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