Air Yeezys Spotted at The Hundreds Payoff

I am not really up on my Kanye entourage, but that dude GLC was at The Payoff, The Hundreds annual BBQ, and appears to be rockin’ some Air Yeezys. They actually look pretty decent all worn out like that. When Kanye wore them on tour, they looked huge and crazy bulky. But in this pic – if these are indeed the shoes – they look a little slimmer and actually wearable by someone other than Kanye on his spaceship. But they are Nike, so the are dead to me 🙂 Awww… just playin’. I just hope they flood the market with these shoes all G-Unit / S. Carter style. Kanye will make $100MM and all the heads will cry because every kid on the train will be wearing the Yeezy! And you know some crazy Chinese factory is already hard at work tooling out some fakes.

I just post this shit because the resulting search engine traffic keeps me blogging. Shameless, I know.

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