Kanye West – Love Lockdown

Photo Credit: Robby Wells 🙂

NOTE: This post orginally got pinched (and subsequently pulled down) by WordPress citing potential copyright violations. So despite the fact I just had the original version of Love Lockdown available to be played here, not downloaded like thousands of other blogs out there, I got the yank. So although you can no longer LISTEN to it on my blog, please feel free to go download the new version in its entirety here.

Back to the post….

Of all of the performances at the VMAs this year, this was the only one I actually watched. It was understated, yet cool as hell. Most of the non-casted crowd was scratching their heads a bit, but I personally love the song and applaud Kanye for continuing to break the mold. If the dude wants to sing, let him sing. I know how bad it sucks to be pigeon-holed, and something tells me that Kanye would hate it even more.

For the record… I am not just the ‘digital guy’. Come on man!

Since I was rolling with Q, MTV ushered us up to the front to see the show. Of course, the mildly annoying cameras were on hand:

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