Random Q Da Kid Teen Messageboard Activity

We used some amazing technology we created at ACME to mine through the internet to find this humorous gem of an exchange involving Q Da Kid and his first single “On A Mission”.

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First, the young girl thinks it is Nas, which I would definitely consider nice.

And a friendly netizen responds – with the lyrics to the chorus, which to the best of my knowledge is not published anywhere online.  I am impressed.


Kid Cudi – The Prayer

This is my favorite Kid Cudi track to date, and the one that made me really pay attention. If any indie rock kid has even the slightest taste for hip-hop, the Band of Horses sample is sure to make him pop a woody in his skinny jeans, if that is even physically possible.

Bob James and George Kranz – Hip-Hop Pioneers

Bob James
Back in the mid-90s, when a few of my friends got into hip-hop production, I remember freaking out when I heard them play Bob James for me. I am sure most are aware of Bob James’ place in hip-hop, but if not, just check the tracks below. I know a few of my readers are relative hip-hop youngsters, so maybe, just maybe, I am showing you something for the first time.

Bob James – Nautilus

Bob James – Take Me to the Mardi Gras

After he finished revolutionizing hip-hop before it was even born, Bob later made the theme from Taxi. My dad had this album. Now I have it.

George Kranz
George Kranz was pretty effin’ weird and clearly way ahead of his time.

George Kranz – Din Daa Daa

Midnight Star – No Parking on the Dancefloor

For some reason, for me, Midnight Star and Whodini go together so well.   I distinctly remember being 9 or 10 years old dancing in a friends garage to both Midnight Star and Whodini pumping from a jambox.  Hip-hop was alive and well in Midland, Texas in the mid 1980’s.

Seal – Future Love Paradise and Other Old Videos

Seal has a new album coming out next week – an album of soul covers. Not sure what to think about that, but I totally trust him because since 1991, he has been one of my favorite artists and will no doubt remain there. For years, I got shit for being a big Seal fan and I guess I still do. He had one obnoxiously huge hit that ruined the majority of the cred that he built up after his first amazing album. I have talked to numerous musicians – even some hardcore metal heads – who marvel at the musicianship, but the average Joe can’t get over Kiss From A Rose.

After many years of being a big fan, I finally got to meet Seal. He was incredibly kind and gracious. Cool dude.

I went and dug up some of his old videos. Some of these are classic. He is a capable designer, and you can see his brand being carefully managed to work holistically with each release. All the first album’s videos look similar, and the same is true with later videos.

Here are a few from his first album:

Seal – Crazy:

Seal – Future Love Paradise:

Seal – Killer (slightly off brand, probably due to a collaboration with Adamski)

And only after years of taking shit for being a die-hard Seal fan do I have the strength to post this video. George Michael performing Seal’s Killer mashed up with Papa Was A Rolling Stone. The extended intro is bad ass.

And for those Dallas kids reading… don’t forget that Dallas’ most talented drum export and all around musician, Earl Harvin, is a frequent Seal collaborator, when he is not making his own amazing music, or working with AIR, John Legend, Damien Rice, Pet Shop Boys, Psychadelic Furs, The THE, and others.

Saturday Soundtrack – New Order, Nik Kershaw, and More.

Worked most of the day… here are some samples from today’s soundtrack:

Started at New Order, Replublic. Senior year. Rollin’ the Geo Storm.

Alhabetical playlist… Nick Drake:


Continuing with the alphabetical order, here is Nik Kershaw. This song must be subconsciously associated with some very positive childhood memories (roadtrip, staying at my Aunt Holly’s in the summer, listening to Kasey Kasem with my Dad or something. Hell, maybe even the rollerskating rink!) because I get good positive goosebumps when I listen to it.

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