Pacific Division – NYC Debut

I have had the west coast on the mind lately, and it has to do with a couple of recent experiences. First… I continue to be impressed by the grind of some youngstas from LA called The Love Hates, whose hard work, determination, creativity, talent, and overall hustle continues to impress. I definitely have a more extensive post coming on them, but this one is about Pacific Division aka PAC DIV.

I have to acknowledge that I am now weeks late with this post. But the fact that I am still thinking about it should say a lot.

I was very fortunate to be able to meet the guys and their mgmt at their hotel, then head over to sound check at the venue with them. Despite the fact that these dudes are catching MAJOR buzz, they made the most of an unorganized sound check, freestyling quite effectively over a danced up version of ‘Letting the Days Go By’ from The Talking Heads. Not one complaint, no attitude or even negative comment – they just made the most of a small setback and made it look fun as hell. I want a copy of that shit too!

I am not a journalist, nor qualified to write a review of a live performance. No dissecting set lists or any of that shit here. Bottomline… these dudes killed it and could not be more deserving of the mic that Q-Tip personally passed them on this night. Not to downplay the significance of their NY debut, but there were only about 30 people in the place – the most discerning, inpenetrable, New York hip-hop snobs, and by the end of the night, they were all bouncing for PAC DIV. Q-Tip, Sylvia Rhone, Asher Roth, Mickey Factz, Amanda Diva, and F.A.M.E. were all there to show support and usher in some of the coolest young cats in the game. Who knows what the major label system will do with them, but for these dudes, I don’t think it matters.

Side note: It was very refreshing to see someone pegged at the top of the most important major hip-hop label right now and Q-Tip shaking their heads in disbelief and amazement at Asher Roth doing his thing. Sickness.

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