Vintage Skateboarding Pics

Thanks to my friend Fabian for having these around! Click any image to enlarge.

  • Looks like my hair was some strange reddish color – likely due to that groundbreaking product called Sun-In or just straight up peroxide.
  • Notice the black Vans Chukka Boots with colored socks. Awesome.
  • Looks like a Birdhouse Projects shirts, which I do not remember ever buying.
  • I am not ollie-ing over that box, but it kinda looks like it.

  • This was taken at one of my favorite skate spots in Dallas. This was across a parking lot from a spot called Quorum. I will go head to head with any Dallas skater that thinks they discovered Quorum before us, and I know you are out there. I distinctly remember my friend Jamal and I waxing up all of the appropriate curbs when they were 100% virgin – untouched by metal or urethane. If you disagree, Jamal will shoot you.
  • Note the Vision sneakers. They were high-tops that Jamal cut to be low-tops with a huge tongue. He was regular and I was goofy. After he tore up the left shoe, he gave them to me to tear up the right. Poor people have poor ways.

  • This is definitely my favorite picture that I have from back in the day. Mainly because I remember the moment so vividly. I stuck this trick so perfectly, I literally get goosebumps thinking about it. It is not even a crazy trick, but keep in mind… this was 1991, pre-digital anything, and getting a good shot with a disposable was very rare. I even remember the flash hitting my body at the perfect moment and pulling it down flawlessly, no sketch. It’s these moments that make you a skater for life. It is these moments that make a 33 year-old still own a skateboard.
  • This was one of those nights that we were all on fire. Aside from this trick, I remember landing half-cab late shove-its (both frontside and backside shove-its out of the half-cab) down a small set of like 3 or 4 tall stairs. Jamal pulled this crazy accidental late pressure flip (a backside late shove-it that accidentally flipped perfectly and he landed it like he meant to do it) – funny, I know. Fabian was busting huge ollies and cleared a nice gap. Oh, the memories.   I am sooooo grateful that I remember them like it was yesterday.

5 responses

  1. nice kickflip…..very jason lee-esque. something about the shoes, pants, and the style. skating photography pre-digital was a bitch.

    more banksy

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