Saturday Soundtrack – New Order, Nik Kershaw, and More.

Worked most of the day… here are some samples from today’s soundtrack:

Started at New Order, Replublic. Senior year. Rollin’ the Geo Storm.

Alhabetical playlist… Nick Drake:


Continuing with the alphabetical order, here is Nik Kershaw. This song must be subconsciously associated with some very positive childhood memories (roadtrip, staying at my Aunt Holly’s in the summer, listening to Kasey Kasem with my Dad or something. Hell, maybe even the rollerskating rink!) because I get good positive goosebumps when I listen to it.

One response

  1. New Order Ceremony is great too. I believe I have heard that Nik Kershaw song before but either way the video reminds me how awesome 80’s music videos were!

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