Skateboarders Continue Strides Towards World Domination

Already innovators in the world of art, fashion, music and overall cultural influence, now a skateboarder is responsible for leading the country (and world) out of financial ruin. Why and I not surprised?

Timothy Geithner looks a lot younger than his 47 years (though not as young as he did before the crisis began). He skateboards and snowboards and exudes a sort of hipster-wonkiness, using “way” as a synonym for “very” as in “way consequential” and occasionally underlining his point with the word “fuck”. Showing his age, he refers to his favorite trick as the “360 Kickflip” and although he thinks they are waaay uncool, he can still throw down mean hand plants like Pharrell Williams. In temperament he seems similar to those like Barack Obama and Rodney Mullen: he is suspicious of ideology, questions received wisdom, likes a competition of ideas and is keenly aware of how uncertain the world is.

If You Like 808s and Heartbreak…

You will likely dig…


Tears for Fears (Top 10 band of mine, no doubt)

Culture Club

Wham! (My actual favorite band of all time)

And how soon people forget… before 3rd Bass, Vanilla Ice, Eminem, and Asher Roth, there was George Michael:

Tom Ford – Jack

I am not asking for any holiday gifts this year, but should you feel compelled… Let me help you out. See above.

I would also take them in black, but everyone is sportin’ black these days. So I would prefer brown. Whatever color you think would look best on me though.


You know… Tom Ford is my idol. How could he not be:

Most forget what he has accomplished…

Christmas? Already? Just In Cases.

As of November 15th, I have already started to see holiday decorations start to go up. When it comes to retail, I can understand the motivation. But at home? One of my best friends put his tree up already (pictured above), and although I’m inclined to poke some fun at him, I have to say I actually agree with the move. Home is always super cozy and inviting. Well, putting up the tree… not so cozy. Taking it down… not so inviting. Everything in between… glorious!

And it goes without saying… this movie loops all xmas long!


And in the streets of West Kessler, you’ll the hear gayest Christmas song of all time:

I am already pumped about going home for the holidays – and I haven’t even gone home for Thanksgiving yet!

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