A Bathing Ape – Purple Leather V-Bomber Jacket for Sale

I just did the pixel thing because I thought it would be fun. Click any image to enlarge.

After 2 years of collecting dust, I decided to finally start to liquidate a few years of insane, totally unjustified and unwarranted clothing purchases. And I am starting with this super duper totally rare purple leather jacket from A Bathing Ape. I have not worn this jacket in over 2 years, and before then, I probably wore it less than 10 times ever. Not that 90% of my readers will give a damn, but I was told by a very reliable source that this is one of only 20 of these jackets made and distributed worldwide.

I am not listing a price, but will entertain offers. BTW, it is an XL.   Shoot me an offer if…

– Your record label just sent your advance
– You just cashed out your 401K before it disappeared
– You sold your small collection of Pigeon dunks
– You just sold your rims
– You just sold your Vespa
– You just sold 5 ‘rare’ Bape hoodies

To see more pics, click here.

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