Poor People Have Poor Ways – Veens

Photo courtesy of Jon Ball.  Shot on location in Cozumel, Mexico.

Don’t take the title of this post to be negative in any way towards any particular group.   When one of my best friends I were living together, we scraped by on the Wendy’s dollar menu, tuna fish (him, not me), and $.79 burritos.  We  drove 20 miles to the QuikTrip gas station because their fountain drinks and gas were cheaper.  We would hit the skatepark 2 hours before it closed so we would only have to pay $5.   He would sleep all day, because sleep was cheap.   We ate plenty of junk food because sweets were cheap.   Although we are both now doing just a tiny bit better for ourselves financially, we both look back upon those times as some of the best we have ever had.   The music, the skating,  the getting by.

But we had a motto back then.   Since we both had great families and upbringings, we had to justify our idiotic behavior with one statement:  Poor people have poor ways.

“Dude, you are putting jalapenos and hotdogs in your Ramen noodles? ”  “Poor poeple have poor ways.”

So when he sent me the photo above with the Veens, I instantly thought about our old days together.  But the Veens themselves are worthy of their own post in some way, but for now, we can all just chuckle at the sight of them.

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