I May Be Biased, But I Would Say the New Millennium…

In 2008, the worlds of music and branding aligned in a unique and resounding way. This resulted in several noteworthy initiatives, partnerships, ventures, etcetera, as well as some incredibly cool track usages for broadcast TV and Web advertisements.

Sadly for some music industry hopefuls, the branding equation wasn’t the savior they had sought. But as the music industry continues to evolve into a digital- and media-led business, branding remains a vital way for those who create and produce the music to monetize it.

Here are my top 5 list of newsworthy branded-music initiatives and top 5 track choices for 2008:

1. TAG Records. In April, Procter & Gamble partnered with the record label Island Def Jam Music Group to launch a recording imprint tied to its TAG men’s deodorant and body spray. Jermaine Dupri, the Atlanta-based rapper and music producer, was named president. Brand-alliance guru David Caruso of Acme Branded Content brokered the deal. Hopefully, his music will meet his and (even) consumer expectations. Red Bull, Mountain Dew, Levi’s and others are beginning to take on the role of nouveaux-record labels.

Read the full article here. To see if the music meets consumer’s expectations, wait until the new year for the big noise, check Q’s myspace now, or google’em.

2009 Trend: Bucket Service

It’s a recession – apparently it has been a recession for at least a year now – but you probably haven’t noticed much a of a downturn in excessive nightlife expenditures.   That is about to change.   Forget bottle service.   Get ready for bucket service.   Of course, I am only partly joking.  I say ‘partly’ because I actually saw a table hip-hop industry types (that will remain anonymous) at one of the super trendy NYC spots rockin’ a bucket of Coronas.   Get ready!   Better start slangin’ some beats.

Goyard Croisiere 50 – Slightly Obsessed

Also as part of the REFINE in 09 personal improvement strategy, I plan to come up on a nice bag that will last me a lifetime. A bag that I will someday pass on my son or some deserving young kid that I will mentor when I am qualified to mentor 🙂 Heritage is always huge with me, and you could make a movie about the history of this brand – or at least a really good documentary.


Clae Russell – All White & Smokin!

As part of my personal strategy for the new year – REFINE in ’09 – I will certainly be adding these new all-white Russells into the mix. Every time I open up the closet, I find myself reaching for my black Russells that I have had for over a year now, and they could not be more perfect. They are broke in… perfect. They have never been officially tied, yet they hang on the foot… perfect. The white sole cleans up… perfect. For those reasons, the Russell remains pegged at the top of my list of best sneakers out there, especially if you wanna talk value. They cannot be topped in my opinion.

I am looking to downsize, but upgrade the shoe closet. I am hoping to settle on 4 or 5 pairs of perfection. These all-white Russells were not part of the original plan, but I will do it simply out of respect. I have paid way more for way less, so they deserve to keep getting my dough.

You can pre-order these at Hanon Shop, and strangely, they are cheaper than than the originals by $15 bucks. See what I mean!? They can do no wrong!

Charles Hamilton – Brooklyn Girls

Videos of MCs walking through Brooklyn will never get old to me. The Brooklyn part of Charles Hamilton’s video below was shot all around where I live, which is kinda cool. Oh yeah, it is almost 2009 and I would love if Universal would get with the fucking program and let their videos be embedded. Maybe they would not have 3 million shitty DVR-ripped (or worse) versions of the video floating all over the blogs. YouTube even locked down Q’s video! Not worth the trouble… which is ironic on many levels. Fortunately, the Charles Hamilton video below fell through the cracks, so here it is!

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