Jaydiohead – Minty Fresh Beats

This one of the tightest in a long line of Jay-Z mash-ups albums, but when will it end?

I like this one because every track doesn’t have the annoying call sign for the producer and it sticks to the Grey Album formula.  Viva La Hova was pretty much ruined with the make-your-skin-crawl, constant “The Commisioner” drops.  Awful.  But this one is tight.  Real tight.

Here are a couple of the ‘hits’:

I love the absurdity of conspiracy theories, so here are mine…

  • The abundance of these mash-up records pairing Jay-Z with a groups like Weezer, Coldplay, and now Radiohead is part of a major label strategy to draw more iTunes-loving suburban soccer moms and dads into hip-hop, since that group has a high concentration of members that actually buy their music.
  • The pairing with Radiohead is an attempt to garner some music snob love, and perhaps even steal some of the love that Clipse has so easily monopolized within the Pitchfork community.
  • This was recently elevated to Step 3, on the list of Ten Steps to Getting Noticed as an aspiring music producer.

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