My Thoughts on Revolutionary Road

So I finally went to see Revolutionary Road, and despite numerous warnings as to how bad it was, I absolutely loved it.   I actually would love to go see it again.  Now.

Of the four people that I know that have seen, they all disliked it.  Two were men that been married for quite a few years, have kids, etc. and the other two were the people I saw it with… a couple of 22-year old hotties (cuz that is how I roll these days 🙂  ).  The married guys and 22-year old girls could not be more different, and they both hated it.

There are certain movies that the vast majority of the population can agree on.  Everyone is down with E.T. Or Goonies.  Or Forrest Gump.   Any male with a working set of balls will claim to love Fight Club.   But it seems to me that the story of Revolutionary Road will only appeal to a narrow sliver of people that have lived and escaped it, such as myself, or otherwise really, really open-minded people who are either in long-term relationships or have yet to dive into one.   Because if you have not lived it, you don’t want to believe it is real.   And if you are still married, you probably don’t get off on watching very typical relationship problems you are experiencing played back to you.

So as somebody who has recently exited a marriage, my reaction was a particularly pleasant one.   Something along the lines of “Fuck, that is scary how real it is.  And thank the lord that I know it, and can maybe – just maybe – prevent it from happening again.”   That is definitely not commentary on my ex who is beautiful and wonderful.  It is just commentary on…uh where should I start:

  • The complexity of relationships
  • The sadness of watching dreams fade away
  • Society’s view of manhood / masculinity / male roles
  • Pressure to fit in
  • Pressure to stick to the formula:  job, house, kids, promotions, etc.
  • Trading in ‘freedom’ for the status quo
  • The difficulty of changing direction once you are heading down the path

Over the past 6 months, I have contemplated starting a relationship-focused blog, simply because it has become a subject that I find most interesting these days.  I lived my whole life completely numb to the complexities, and my experience has made me just a little bit wiser, and whole lot more curious.

And despite where you fall on the relationship spectrum, I highly recommend checking out the movie.  I promise you that is exponentially more thought provoking than that Mall Cop movie or Marley and Me.

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  1. Ok I LOVED this movie also!! I don’t know anyone that liked it, well the girl I saw it with also liked it, but people think I am crazy for liking it. Nice post

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