From the Back of the Closet: DC, Bally, NB & Clarks

Went digging in the back of the closet this weekend, and dug out some old classics I had stuck back there.

Click any photo to enlarge:

Check these Air Max inspired DC’s. I think these are about 12 years old now.  Lightly worn. Shit, for a skate shoe these would be considered BNIB. Make offer 🙂

These Bally’s are still some of the nicest shoes I have ever owned. Haven’t worn them in 5 years at least. Back in the day, they were all the rage in magazines like Wallpaper and Surface. Heck, I think Dwell even covered them back when it came out every two months, back before the emergence of all the Joe and Jane ModernHome people started overextending themselves on midcentury modern homes.

These New Balance were one of the first online purchases I ever made, back in 1997 or so, when I finally got a credit card. Wore them once or twice.

I have probably owned 6 pairs of Wallabees over the years – most of which were concentrated in a 1.5 year time period back when I was obsessed. I think was going through my shaggy hair, Richard Ashcroft phase back in college. My parents had the homeboy hook up – $55. Here is a pair that I never wore once. I believe the Nike-obsessed little kids would refer to these as ‘deadstock’ or as I like say… ‘douche-stock**’

** Who am I to judge… I am the douche posting my shoes on the internet.

2 responses

  1. Your dog is looking in disbelief at all the damn shoes you have. You know he’s saying “What the hell are you going to do with all those shoes you idiot…Now throw the ball for me!!”.

  2. I know this link is old old old but I like those DC shoes on the first post. Can you email me the size on them? Id like to get them if available. thanks

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