Road Tested: Common Projects Desert Boot

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I have long been a fan of Common Projects, and it took me a while to finally indulge because but I had some issues with their slim Euro widths and appearance.  I loved the simplicity, but they just reminded me too much of the Italian guys (the ones vacationing from Italy) that would walk up and down Broadway with arms full of expensive shopping bags in their form fitting Pumas or Diesel sneakers.   You cannot go from rocking a bulky pair of Clae Russells or even Visvims, to these super slender Italian jobs.  But finally, I gave in… after I saw they made one of my favorite cuts… a Chukka (see Vans).  This will be the first of a few different Common Projects Road Tests.

The simplicity is so refreshing, and works so well with my Refine in 09 personal strategy.   And although I had not owned an Italian pair of shoes in awhile, I was quickly reminded of what my Dad always told me… the Italians do it best.  Yes, even better than Nike 😉   You would expect some sort of noticeable wear in the waxed suede, but it always looks brand new.  I mean… I would not wear in the rain or anything, but there is no doubt, these shoes are a great value.  They are slim.   Maybe they will inspire me to lose some weight.  I am trying to get down to my fighting weight of 120 lbs.

These are perfect for the office, for big city commutes and even for Sunday brunch if you are into that sort of thing.   I am not really that into brunch, but I think these would work out well at a brunch.   Go get a pair and let me know what you think.

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    • Those are Bally, and the name slips my memory. That photos is about 3 years old, and those shoes were 10 years old when that photo was taken! Bally is the brand for sure. Those shoes were all the rage amongst the design community back in the early 00s.

  1. Hey, just found out about your reply as we speak.
    Thanxs. You know, I already figured it would possibly be bally ( seeing the swiss cross), but I couldnt find the specific model, which makes sense now, as it is a sneaker of 10 years old lol. It still looks in good condition tho, and Bally cud fo’ sure just as well bring out this model again as it seems a timeless model to me. I also hope bally would bring out a standard sneaker models in the future, that can be re-purchased if one’s old pair gets worn out. A white with model with their trademark red, white, red signature trim on the sides for instance. And a black model with the same bally trademark trim. P.S. I also am a sneaker fan of the first generation, I actually own 4 models from christion dior from their first sneaker line collection, between 2000-2002 and they’re also in pretthay good shape, if I say so myself. Cheers m8 🙂

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