Conversations With Other Women

Movies like this actually make me look forward to getting older. Being wiser. More experienced. I feel like I am starting to get there now (I definitely look older 🙂 ), but I like the idea of a time when you can forget about the rules, but still struggle with them a bit, and just be impulsive. If you were not breaking some obnoxious rules, it would not be as exciting. But because you are older, you understand the importance of living for the moment, with no regrets. This is a dope movie… one of my favorites.

Starring one of the hottest ever, Helena Bonham Carter, and now one of the coolest… Aaron Eckhart.

One response

  1. There are some great emotionally true and rich moments that actually work, but the camera-work almost feels like too much of a gimmick, and sometimes takes away from the story as well as the great performances from these two. Good review, check out mine when you can!

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