Success: Gladiator Sandals

Today was a nice – dare I say ‘Spring-like’ – day in the city. That may actually explain why I just noticed a handful of visitors hitting the blog with gladiator sandal-related searches today. I shit you not… the sad search of ‘what do guys think about gladiator sandals’ brought three people to my blog today. All I can say… hopefully I was able to influence those three lovely ladies with my previous post entitled “Guy Repellent: Gladiator Sandals.”

I just returned from a night of partying with my brother, sister-in-law, and dozens of girls that got it right by not wearing gladiators. Let’s strike a deal. I will wear any footwear you request, if you don’t wear gladiators. Anything!

Drunk, yet compelled to reinforce my thoughts on the worst shoes since the construction of the Pyramids,


3 responses

  1. lol i noticed that they were still in season. i looove gladiators. Dudes need 2 get with it. Gladiators are the ish! im definitely buying a pair this summer 😛

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