Every few months, I will waste a solid h…

Every few months, I will waste a solid hour watching trailers on the Apple site. Here are a few that I will watch on Pay-per-View about a year from now when they come out.

Rudo Y Cursi

I will watch these guys together in movies til the day I die. Gael Garcia Bernal has been pegged at (or near) the top of my list of favorite actors for quite awhile now. Clearly I am not alone… check this promo video the studio must have released. 1.4 million views.

The Informers

Bret Easton Ellis, typical 80s flavor. I am all about it.

Anvil – The Story of Anvil

Away We Go

Check Maya Rudolph. Damn! She is for real.

Valentino – The Last Emperor

Good times in Dallas over the last few…

Good times in Dallas over the last few days. Busy as hell with meetings with old coworkers and potential partners (imc2), one amazing client (Doritos) – no, seriously amazing, not just kissin’ ass – and old friends and family. Unfortunately there were a few missed, and I apologize. Philip (Centre) – I will be back in about 10 days. Dennis (Aztec) – See you next visit.

See ya!

[vimeo 3993206] I am typically not one …

I am typically not one to spread rumors, but the highly suspect illseed.com says that this was made by the designers and techies who created the recently Complex Magazine shoot featuring Kanye. According to legend, they were upset with how much credit Kanye was taking for the cover, so they made this. Seriously doubtful, but still a bit entertaining.

NOTE: The gay dance was pulled for some reason.

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