Upper West Side Steez

A few weeks back, I went to a great party on the Upper West Side. There was a no-shoe policy at the party, so outside the elevator/front door, there were dozens of shoes laying all over the floor. I saw a wide variety of shoes, including an abundance of prepped out boat shoes. I was inspired. I had to have some. So in order to step up my Upper West Side Swag*, I went in with these, because I was mesmerized by the rich red sole. Almost like Louboutins for dudes. I go hard.

*Ironic use of word ‘Swag’

Tupac Shakur – The Biopic

I was always completely fascinated with Tupac Shakur. I liked his music, and obviously some of it was undeniable, but I was never a huge fan of his music. But as a person, he was so compelling and inspirational. When he died, I remember thinking how disappointing it would be to not get to see him grow old.

I never really identified with Biggie the same way. Having moved to Brooklyn and felt his influence, and to the extent that a white kid can Texas can understand his influence, I am blown away. I finally watched Notorious and I loved it. Gravy killed it as Biggie. Seeing the portrayal of Puffy in the early years was a little freaky considering the mogul he has evolved to. The whole thing got me thinking about what the Tupac biopic would look like.

Since I cannot even begin to think who could and/or deserves to play him, I had a thought:

Things My Dad Taught Me: Neil Young

He did not teach me a trade. He did not teach me how to do my taxes. Not to fish, or build anything. There are books for all of that. He taught me far more important things in life, including how important it is to have good music around you. I have no desire to make music or even work in the music business. I am so content to just sit back and listen.

Island Def Jam – Spring Collection

In a slightly rare display of creativity, the lightly-fashion themed event was nice. What to look forward to:

  • The Noisettes
  • Another nice Kanye video for Paranoid
  • Speaking of Kanye, Mr. Hudson has potential. I personally think he is the shit.
  • A 10 year old rapper/r&b suburban, Sheckler-esque kid that would make Tupac and Biggie roll over in their graves.
  • Maybe a little Fabolous.
  • Hmmm. That’s it. Unless Lionel Richie puts out another greatest hits album.
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