Road Tested: Visvim FBT

Click the image to enlarge.

I have wanted these things forever, and finally I found a pair. This pair now represents one of three reasons I love this brand. And why I love Hiroki Nakamura. Like all brilliant guys, he was an ex-skater who now makes the perfect shoe for aging guys that still care about them. Not to mention, one of the few brands that I will even let adorn the pages of my carefully curated blog ;-). I have a similar pair in suede which were my first pair of Visvim, but these are waaay nicer. Like all Visvim, the leather is super smooth, and I cannot find one place where quality was compromised. Despite the heavy volume of media coverage they get in certain circles, you will almost never see anyone with a pair. I guess most youngster would rather get a couple of pair of Yeezy’s instead.

3 responses

  1. hey, i just bought the same pair. theyre very nice and the leather is really soft. the only thing im suspicious about is that the insole in my pair says “free international labolatory” instead of laboratory. and i was wondering if yours has the same problem aswell.

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