Who I Blog For.

I often joke here about my carefully curated blog for whatever that means.    The word ‘curate’ is interesting.  I think the dictionary says it means something like ‘to organize, oversee’.   A friend of mine recently interviewed a museum curator for a magazine article she was writing and asked for some advice on questions to ask.    I have always wondered who a museum curator organizes for?   Do they have a particular person in mind that they ask themselves ‘what would Jane Doe think about this selection?’ and essentially Jane Doe inadvertently influences the contents of a museum or the pieces in a exhibit.  Make sense?

Since I started writing my blog, I have always casually told people that I write my blog or post photos with two people in mind.   Yeah, I may have a few hundred daily visits and I appreciate anyone that would take the time to read anything I have to say, or look at the pictures that I post on my carefully curated blog.  But I wanted to introduce the two people I write for:

Nancy Wells – Mother, Wife, Sister, Aunt, Friend to thousands, Dallas’ premiere purevyor of the finest in ladies shoes and accessories.

Peter Nguyen – Jack of all trades, changes cars like most people change underwear, best friend for life, even though he has never seen E.T. or Star Wars

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There ya go.

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